3 Definitions and abbreviations

24.4063GPPMessage Waiting Indication (MWI): Protocol specificationPSTN/ISDN simulation servicesTISPANTS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and definitions given in TS 181 002 [1], TS 181 005 [10],
TS 123 003 [13] and the following apply:

correspondent: person or entity that deposits messages in the subscriber’s message account

NOTE: Correspondent and subscriber can be the same person or entity.

Message Account (MA): resource that retains multimedia messages (voice, video, fax, etc.) deposited by correspondents for the subscriber

subscriber: person or entity that receives status information about deposited messages

supplementary service: modifies or supplements a basic Telecommunication service

trusted identity: network generated user address information

untrusted identity: user generated user address information

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

AS Application Server

CD Communication Deflection

CDIV Communication DIVersion

CFB Communication Forwarding Busy

CFNL Communication Forwarding on Not Logged-in

CFNR Communication Forwarding No Reply

CFU Communication Forwarding Unconditional

CONF CONFerence calling

CSCF Call Session Control Function

ECT Explicit Communication Transfer

HOLD Communication Hold

IBCF Interconnection Border Control Function

I-CSCF Interrogating – CSCF

IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem

IP Internet Protocol

ISDN Integrated Service Data Network

MA Message Account

MCID Malicious Call IDentification

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MNUA MWI Notifier User Agent

MSUA MWI Subscriber User Agent

MWI Message Waiting Indication

NGN Next Generation Network

OIP Originating Identification Presentation

OIR Originating Identification Restriction


PSI Public Service Identity

PSTN Public Switch Telephone Network

S-CSCF Serving – CSCF

SDP Session Description Protocol

SIP Session Initiation Protocol

THIG Topology HIding Gateway

TIP Terminating Identification Presentation

TIR Terminating Identification Restriction

UA User Agent

UE User Equipment

URI Universal Resource Identifier