3 Definitions and abbreviations

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3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and definitions given in TS 181 002 [1] and the following apply:

absolute time: time of the day representing GMT

add-on charge: single additional charge which does not change the current tariff

NOTE: An add-on charge can either be metered in non-monetary units (e.g. meter‑pulse) or in monetary-units (e.g. currency).

charge: number of charge units (for the usage of a chargeable event (telecommunication service))

Charge Determination Point (CDP): determines which tariff/add-on charge should be applied , and inserts the charging information to the appropriate SIP requests or responses

NOTE: Example of a CDP is a SIP AS at the visited IMS network providing the premium rate service.

Charge Generation Point (CGP): receives the charging information that was added by a CDP and transferred in the appropriate SIP requests or responses

NOTE: Example of a CGP is an originating SIP AS at the home IMS network for advice of charge purposes.

charge unit: base element for the charging process, expressed in non-monetary or monetary units

charging: function whereby information related to a chargeable event is formatted and transferred in order to make it possible to determine usage for which the charged party may be billed

real-time: time, typically in number of seconds, to perform the on-line mechanism used for fraud control and cost control

subtariff: within a tariff sequence, a charge unit per time unit

NOTE: Each subtariff has an individual duration and an individual charge unit.

tariff: set of parameters defining the network utilization charges for the use of a particular bearer / session / service

NOTE 1: A tariff can either be metered in non-monetary units (e.g. meter‑pulse) or in monetary units
(e.g. currency).

NOTE 2: Relationship between tariff and charge units (charging) should be clarified.

NOTE 3: A tariff consists of a tariff sequence.

tariff determination instance: particular charging-related process with a corresponding communication between a charge determination point and a charge registration/charge generation point

tariff sequence: list of consecutive subtariffs which has to be applied for the charging of the communication event

NOTE: The subtariffs are applied at the start of the communication event and are applied consecutively according to the list of the subtariffs. The last subtariff may have an unlimited duration.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

AOC Advice Of Charge

AOCRG Add-On ChaRGing information

ASE Application Service Element

CDP Charge Determination Point

CGP Charge Generation Point

CRGT ChaRGing Tariff information

GMT Greenwich Mean Time

ID IDentification

IMS IP Multimedia Subsystem

IP Internet Protocol

ISDN Integrated Service Data Network


NGN Next Generation Network

PSTN Public Switch Telephone Network

SIP Session Initiation Protocol

UE User Equipment