3 Definitions and abbreviations

12.083GPPSubscriber and equipment traceTS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the following terms and definitions apply:

activation of a trace: An action taken at the OSF through MMI commands to allow a trace record to be produced for a particular IMSI or IMEI when an Invocation Event occurs. This equates to "activation of a trace" in GSM 09.02 [6].

active pending: The state of an activated trace is called Active Pending in a particular NE when the subscriber or equipment being traced is not registered in that NE.

invocation of a trace: An event relating to a particular IMSI or IMEI that occurs in the network that causes data to be collected in a trace record in circumstances where trace has been activated for that IMSI or IMEI. This equates to "tracing subscriber activity" in GSM 09.02 [6] and "Trace Invocation" in GSM 08.08 [4]. It is possible that an event relating to the IMSI/IMEI may still be active when another event or events relating to the same IMSI/IMEI occurs which requires additional information to be collected. These additional events are termed parallel events. This additional trace information for parallel events is collected in the same trace record as the first event.

trace record: In the NEF a trace record is a set of traceable data collected as determined by the trace type. The trace record is collected under the trace record criteria specified by the OSF and transferred to the OSF.

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the abbreviations given in GSM 01.04 [1].