3 Definitions and abbreviations

23.1273GPPRelease 6TSVirtual Home Environment (VHE) / Open Service Access (OSA)

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the terms and given in 3G TS 22.101 and 3G TR 22.905 and the following definitions apply:

Applications: software components providing services to end-users by utilising service capability features.

Home Environment: responsible for overall provision of services to users.

Home Environment Value Added Service Provider: see [5].

Interface: listing and semantics of the methods and attributes provided by an object that belongs to a Service Capability Feature.

OSA API: standardised API used by applications to access service capability features.

OSA Internal API: standardised API between framework and service capability servers.

Personal Service Environment: contains personalised information defining how subscribed services are provided and presented towards the user

NOTE: The Personal Service Environment is defined in terms of one or more User Profiles.

Service Capabilities: See [7].

Service Capability Feature: See [7].

Service Capability Server: Functional Entity providing OSA interfaces towards an application.

Services: See [5].

User Profile: See [5].

User Services Profile: See [5].

Value Added Service Provider: See [5].

Virtual Home Environment: See [5].

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the abbreviations defined in GSM 01.04 and in 3G TR 21.905 and the following apply:

API Application Programming Interface

CAMEL Customised Application For Mobile Network Enhanced Logic

CAP CAMEL Application Part

CSE CAMEL Service Environment

GMLC Gateway Mobile Location Center

HE Home Environment

HE-VASP Home Environment Value Added Service Provider

HSS Home Subscriber Server

IMS IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem

ISC IMS Service Control

LCS Location Services

MAP Mobile Application Part

MExE Mobile Execution Environment

MRF Media Resource Function

MRFC Media Resource Function Controller

MRFP Media Resource Function Protocol

OSA Open Service Access

PSE Personal Service Environment

SCF Service Capability Feature

SCS Service Capability Server

S-CSCF Serving Call Session Control Function

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol

USAT Universal SIM Application Tool-Kit

USIM Universal Subscriber Identity Module

VASP Value Added Service Provider

VHE Virtual Home Environment

WAP Wireless Application Protocol