3 Definitions and abbreviations

29.1983GPPOpen Service Architecture (OSA) Application Programming Interface (API) - Part 1Release 1999TS

3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of this specification, the following definitions apply:

Applications: Services, which are designed using service capability features.

Gateway: Synonym for Service Capability Server. From the viewpoint of applications, a Service Capability Server can be seen as a gateway to the core network.

HE-VASP: Home Environment Value Added Service Provider. This is a VASP that has an agreement with the Home Environment to provide services.

Home Environment: responsible for overall provision of services to users

Local Service: A service, which can be exclusively provided in the current serving network by a Value Added Service Provider.

OSA Interface: Standardised Interface used by application to access service capability features.

Personal Service Environment: contains personalised information defining how subscribed services are provided and presented towards the user. The Personal Service Environment is defined in terms of one or more User Profiles.

Service Capabilities: Bearers defined by parameters, and/or mechanisms needed to realise services. These are within networks and under network control.

Service Capability Feature: Functionality offered by service capabilities that are accessible via the standardised OSA interface

Service Capability Server: Functional Entity providing OSA interfaces towards an application

User Interface Profile: Contains information to present the personalised user interface within the capabilities of the terminal and serving network.

User Profile: This is a label identifying a combination of one user interface profile, and one user services profile.

User Services Profile: Contains identification of subscriber services, their status and reference to service preferences.

Value Added Service Provider: provides services other than basic telecommunications service for which additional charges may be incurred.

Virtual Home Environment: A concept for personal service environment portability across network boundaries and between terminals.

Further definitions are given in 3GPP TS 22.101 [5].

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of this TS the following abbreviations apply:

CAMEL Customised Application For Mobile Network Enhanced Logic

CSE Camel Service Environment

HE Home Environment

HE-VASP Home Environment Value Added Service Provider

HLR Home Location Register

IDL Interface Description Language

MAP Mobile Application Part

ME Mobile Equipment

MExE Mobile Station (Application) Execution Environment

MS Mobile Station

MSC Mobile Switching Centre

OSA Open Service Architecture

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

PSE Personal Service Environment

SAT SIM Application Tool-Kit

SCP Service Control Point

SIM Subscriber Identity Module

SMS Short Message Service

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

USIM User Service Identity Module

VASP Value Added Service Provider

VHE Virtual Home Environment

WAP Wireless Application Protocol

WGP Wireless Gateway Proxy

WPP Wireless Push Proxy

Further abbreviations are given in the 3GPP TR 21.905 [1].