3 Definitions and abbreviations

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3.1 Definitions

For the purposes of the present document, the following terms and definitions apply:

FP Enrolment: procedure where a CTS-FP is loaded with data necessary to obtain CTS operation. After this procedure CTS operation may commence.

MS Enrolment: procedure where a CTS-MS is associated for the first time with a CTS-FP. After this procedure CTS-MS has access to this CTS-FP.

Attachment: procedure where an MS attaches to a certain CTS-FP. When attached, it is possible to make and receive calls via the CTS-FP. The CTS-MS must have been initialised correctly to the CTS-FP before attachment can take part.

Generic Frequency List (GFL): Generic Frequency List (GFL) contains all absolute radio frequency channel numbers (ARFCN), as defined in GSM 05.05, on which the CTS-FP is allowed to operate. The CTS-FP will never use frequencies which are not listed in the GFL.

CTS Mobile Station: GSM MS with CTS capability.

CTS Fixed Part: CTS-FP is a device which offers a personnal cordless coverage and acts as a link between the CTS-MS and the fixed network or the GSM network.

GSM Operator: GSM operator is the operator who provides GSM cellular service to the MS.

CTS licence exempt frequencies: frequency band that may be allocated by national regulator to CTS usage outside of a GSM licence allocated to a GSM operator.

CTS operator: CTS operator is the operator who provides the GFL to the CTS-FP. The CTS operator may be the same than the GSM operator.

FP-SIM: FP-SIM is the SIM card inserted in the CTS-FP, which materialised the CTS subscription. The FP- SIM belongs to the CTS operator.

CTS subscription: when a GSM licensed band is used, the right to use a CTS operator’s frequency spectrum for communication between a CTS-FP and CTS-MS(s).

CTS-FP owner: person who has the CTS-FP control and may authorise MS Enrolment.

CTS user: person who has a CTS-MS which is allowed to do CTS operations.

CTS-MS local number: number in the range of 0-99 optionally assigned to the CTS-MS at enrolment. This number is used for CTS internal calls.

CTS-Roaming: right for an additional CTS-MS to be enrolled to a CTS-FP which is initialised to an operator other than the HPLMN operator of the additional CTS-MS.

3.2 Abbreviations

In addition to those below, abbreviations used in the present document are listed in GSM 01.04.

CTS Cordless Telephony System

CTS-FP Cordless Telephony System – Fixed Part

CTS-MS Cordless Telephony System – Mobile Station

FP – SIM Fixed Part – Subscriber Identity Module

GFL Generic Frequency List

IFPEI International Fixed Part Equipment Identity

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

MS Mobile Station

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

SMS – MO Short Message Service – Mobile Originated

SMS – MT Short Message Service – Mobile Terminated