3 Definitions and abbreviations

03.973GPPMultiple subscriber Profile (MSP)Stage 2TS

3.1 Definitions

For the purpose of this specification, the following definitions apply:

Default Profile: The profile used when the MSP subscriber roams to a non-supporting network. The MSP subscriber will not be able to change outgoing call barrings for the default profile.

MSP Subscriber: The subscriber provisioned with the MSP service

Profile Identity: The numerical identity (between 1 and 4) of the profile

Profile Status: Specifies if the profile is the registered profile or the default profile

Registered Profile: The profile used for all MO calls if a profile has not been explicitly selected

3.2 Abbreviations

The abbreviations used in this specification are listed in GSM 01.04.

For the purpose of this specification, the following abbreviations apply:

CD The Call Deflection supplementary service

MSP The Multiple Subscriber Profile supplementary service

UUS The User-to-User Signalling supplementary service