3 Definitions and abbreviations

06.713GPPAdaptive Multi-Rate speech processing functionsGeneral descriptionTS

3.1 Definitions

Definition of terms used in the present document can be found in GSM 06.90 [7], GSM 06.91 [8], GSM 06.92 [9], GSM 06.93 [10] and GSM 06.94 [11].

3.2 Abbreviations

For the purposes of the present document, the following abbreviations apply:

ACELP Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction

AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate

BFI Bad Frame Indication

BSS Base Station System

BTS Base Tranceiver Station

CHD Channel Decoder

CHE Channel Encoder

DL Down Link

DTX Discontinuous Transmission

ETS European Telecommunication Standard

GSM Global System for Mobile communications

ITU-T International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication standardisation sector (former CCITT)

MS Mobile Station

PCM Pulse Code Modulated

PLMN Public Land Mobile Network

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

RF Radio Frequency

RSS Radio SubSystem

RX Receive

SACCH Slow Associated Control Channel

SID_FIRST Speech end marker

SID_UPD Silence Descriptor (background descriptor)

SPD SPeech Decoder

SPE SPeech Encoder

TC Transcoder

TRAU TRanscoding and Rate Adaptation Unit

TX Transmit

UL Up Link

For abbreviations not given in this subclause, see GSM 01.04 [1].