3 Definitions and abbreviations

09.043GPPInterworking between the Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) and the Circuit Switched Public Data Network (CSPDN)TS

Use is made of the following terms within the present document. These terms refer to information requirements necessary to support interworking functions, some of these terms will be identifiable with their use in other specifications.

– Bearer capability information

Specific information defining the lower layer characteristics required within the network.

– Lower layer capability information

Information defining the lower layer characteristics of the terminal.

– Higher layer compatibility information

Information defining the higher layer characteristics of a teleservice in accordance with GSM 02.03 used by the terminal.

– Protocol identifier

Information defining the specific protocols utilised for the support of data transfer by a terminal.

– Progress indicator

Information supplied to indicate to the terminal that the network interworking has taken place.

– Out of band parameter exchange

Information exchanged via an associated or non-associated signalling link e.g. SS No7.

Abbreviations used in the present document are listed in GSM 01.04.