3 Reference configuration

05.013GPPGeneral descriptionPhysical layer on the radio pathTS

For the purpose of elaborating the physical layer specification, a reference configuration of the transmission chain is used as shown in annex A. This reference configuration also indicates which parts are dealt with in details in which technical specification. It shall be noted that only the transmission part is specified, the receiver being specified only via the overall performance requirements. With reference to this configuration, the technical specifications in the 05 series address the following functional units:

‑ 3GPP TS 05.02: burst building, and burst multiplexing;

‑ 3GPP TS 05.03: coding, reordering and partitioning, and interleaving;

‑ 3GPP TS 05.04: differential encoding, and modulation;

‑ 3GPP TS 05.05: transmitter, antenna, and receiver (overall performance).

NOTE: 3GPP TS 05.56 addresses the transmitter and receiver of the CTS-FP.

This reference configuration defines also a number of points of vocabulary in relation to the name of bits at different levels in the configuration. It must be outlined, in the case of the encrypted bits, that they are named only with respect to their position after the encryption unit, and not to the fact that they pertain to a flow of information that is actually encrypted.