3 Summary of data stored in location registers

03.083GPPOrganization of subscriber dataRelease 1998TS

Table 1 gives an overview of data stored in location registers for non-GPRS Network Access Mode, whereas table 2 shows the data stored in the location registers, in the SGSN and in the GGSN for GPRS Network Access Mode. In the tables, M = mandatory means that this parameter is stored for all subscribers with subscription of the Network Access Mode as shown in the table heading and defining the table; and C = conditional means that the parameter is subject to some condition (e.g. subscription of teleservice or other services, reception of optional message or short-lived data). The type indication indicates whether the subscriber data is temporary (T) or permanent (P) data, where permanent data can be set and modified but by the operator, whereas the temporary data are set and changed automatically by network functions.