4.1.1 Introduction

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An intent specifies the expectations including requirements, goals and constraints for a specific service or network management workflow. The intent may provide information on particular objective and possibly some related details. Following are some general concepts for intent:

  • An intent is typically understandable by humans, and also needs to be interpreted by the machine without any ambiguity.
  • An intent focuses more on describing the “What” needs to be achieved but less on “How” that outcomes should be achieved, The intent expresses the metrics that need to be achieved and not how to achieve them. This not only relieves the burden of the consumer knowing implementation details but also leaves room to allow the producer to explore alternative options and find optimal solutions. Intent describes the properties that allows a satisfactory outcome.
  • The expectations expressed by an intent is agnostic to the underlying system implementation, technology and infrastructure. Area can be used as managed object in the expectations expressed by an intent to achieve system implementation, technology and infrastructure agnostic.

  • An intent needs to be quantifiable from network data so that the fulfilment result can be measured and evaluated.

Intent can be categorized based on different user types or different management scenario types.