4.3.10 Signalling connection establishment

23.1213GPPArchitectural requirements for Release 1999Release 1999TS

A signalling connection between the UE and a CN node refers here to a logical connection consisting of an RRC connection between UE and UTRAN and an Iu signalling connection between UTRAN and the CN node. The signalling connection is used for transfer of higher layer (MM, CM) information between the UE and the CN node.

At a CM service request to one of the CN service domains, UE will only request establishment of a new signalling connection when no such connection exists towards the applicable CN service domain.

If no RRC connection exists, this is established in conjugation with (before) the transfer of the signalling establishment request. At the RRC connection establishment, an UE context is built up in the SRNC.

If an RRC connection is already established, the UE will send the signalling establishment request using that RRC connection.

At reception of the signalling establishment request, the SRNC will establish an Iu connection towards the CN node indicated by the CN service domain type received from UE.