4.3.13 Use of TMSI signature

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Figures 4.15 and 4.16: (void). IMSI attach

Void. Location Area update

Void. MM System Information

The system information that is needed for the Mobility Management functionality contains parameters such as:

– MCC, MNC, LAC, RAC, Periodic Location Area Update timer, and Periodic Routing Area Update timer;

– in each UMTS cell (UTRAN cell) the network broadcasts MM system information on the broadcast channel. In RRC idle mode, when the UE camps on one cell, it receives all MM system information valid for this cell on the broadcast channel of the cell. The received MM system information is then the "current MM system information";

– in RRC connected mode, it is the responsibility of the SRNS to control the current MM system information valid for the UE. At any changes, the established RRC connection is used for transferring the new MM system information to the UE. E.g. at SRNS relocation, the new SRNS shall have logic for sending applicable MM system information to the UE. This information is determined by e.g. the Location Areas and the Routing Areas handled by the respective CN node to which the SRNS can set up Iu signalling connections. At reception of new MM system information from the SRNC on the established RRC connection, the UE uses this new information as the "current MM system information";

NOTE: The MM system information need not necessarily be sent for every SRNSs relocation, nor does it prelude MM system information being sent on other occasions.

– at the RRC connection establishment, the UE uses the broadcasted MM system information of the cell where the establishment is made as the "current MM system information";

– when the UE leaves the RRC connected mode and enters RRC idle mode, the UE uses the broadcasted MM system information of the chosen cell, which is determined by the UE idle mode cell selection/re-selection process that is then performed, as the "current MM system information";

– the "current MM system information" is used by the MM functionality in the UE respecting the rules for the UE service state of the respective MM state machine, see subclause 7.3.3;

– MM functionality in different UE service states and subclause 7.3.6 Service registration and location update. IMSI detach procedure