4.3.3 Relationship between MM and SM states for an UE

23.1213GPPArchitectural requirements for Release 1999Release 1999TS

When a UE is attached to PS service, it may have or not some PDP context established.

If the UE has no PDP context established (SM-Inactive), no radio access bearer are established for PS service. The UE is in RRC connected mode, only if the state is UMTS CS-CONNECTED state or UMTS PS-CONNECTED state (i.e. only a PS 21ignalling connection is established).

If the UE has at least one PDP context established (SM-Active), the UE may be in UMTS PS-CONNECTED state or in UMTS PS-IDLE state.

NOTE: The PDP context status is not modified by the release of the RRC connection, except if the release of the connection is due to an RRC failure which do not permit to maintain the negotiated QoS (e.g. a real time connection).