4.3.7 Relationship between CS and PS service states and RRC state for an UE

23.1213GPPArchitectural requirements for Release 1999Release 1999TS

During non-transient conditions the following relations are valid between service states and RRC modes for an UE:

– when in either CS-CONNECTED state or PS-CONNECTED state, or in both CS-CONNECTED state and PS-CONNECTED state, then the UE is in RRC connected mode;

– when in neither CS-CONNECTED state nor PS-CONNECTED state, then the UE is in RRC idle mode.

Figure 4.12 and figure 4.13 illustrate two examples on the relations between the RRC states and CS/PS service states. These figures illustrate the separated CN case.

Figure 4.12: UE in CS-CONNECTED state and PS-IDLE state

Figure 4.13