4.4 Addressing

23.1403GPPFunctional descriptionMultimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Stage 2TS

MMS shall support the use of E-Mail addresses (RFC 822) [5]or MSISDN to address the recipient of a MM. In the case of E-Mail addresses standard internet message routing should be used.

The usage of MSISDN for addressing a recipient in a different MMS service providers domain shall be possible. For that the need of MSISDN translation to a routable address has been identified. The mapping for the MSISDN to the correct recipient’s MMS Relay or Server is left for standardisation in future releases. In the mean time, it is expected that MMS service providers or network operators will develop solutions for their particular needs which may include static tables or other look-up methods.

Extensibility of the addressing framework is the goal and the specific mechanism is left for future releases.

5 Functional Description of Involved MMS Elements