4.4 Attribute definitions

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4.4.1 Attribute properties

Table 4.4.1 defines the attributes that are present in several Information Object Classes (IOCs) of the present document.

Table 4.4.1:

Attribute Name

Documentation and Allowed Values



It is an Access Control List (ACL). See RFC4949 [19] for the definition of ACL.

As stated in TS 23.234 [5], the WAG does not have a full trust relationship with the WLAN UE.

The WAG may implement policy enforcement before tunnel establishment to enhance the firewall against unwanted packets go through the PLMN, for example, to forbid the roaming WLAN UE from sending tunnel establishment to PLMN other than its HPLMN; to forbid packets from unauthorized WLAN UE.

The ACL configuration normally uses IP-based control, e.g. filtering IP/ICMP/UDP/TCP packets.

There is also Media Access Control (MAC) based ACL configuration. However, it is hardly applied to filtering on WAG.

The filtering parameter(s) applying to those configurations can be one or more of the following:

  • source IPv4/IPv6 address,
  • destination IPv4/IPv6 address,
  • protocol number,
  • source port number,
  • destination port number

allowedValues: N/A.
The allowed values could take the format as "access-list access-list-name [deny|permit] protocol source source-netmask destination destination-netmask"

type: String

multiplicity: 1

isOrdered: N/A

isUnique: N/A

defaultValue: No default value

isNullable: True


See definition in 3GPP TS 28.625 [9] (State Management Data Definition IRP IS).

See 3GPP TS 28.625 [9].

4.4.2 Constraints