4 Activation and deactivation of special test functions in the MS

04.143GPPIndividual equipment type requirements and interworkingSpecial conformance testing functionsTS

The functions described in the present document can be activated and deactivated from a SS by sending appropriate layer 3 commands to the MS. The protocol discriminator to be used is defined in 3GPP TS 04.08, subclause 10.2.

The layer 3 commands are sent on the DCCH. On layer 2, SAPI 0 is used in acknowledged mode.

Apart from sending the appropriate deactivation command to the MS the functions can be deactivated by switching off the MS or removing the test SIM.

The following test functions can be activated (and deactivated):

– TCH Loop;

– TCH Burst-by-Burst Loop;

– Multi-slot Loop;

– Electrical MMI;

– Test via DAI.

The TCH loops and the test via DAI are test functions which are mutually exclusive.