4 Architectural features

32.4433GPPTelecommunication managementTrace Management (Trace) Integration Reference Point (IRP): Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) Solution Set (SS)TS

The overall architectural feature of TraceIRP is specified in 3GPP TS 32.441 [3].

This clause specifies features that are specific to the CORBA SS.

4.1 Notifications

Notifications are sent according to the Notification IRP: CORBA SS (see 3GPP TS 32.303 [5]).

The contents of the TraceIRP notifications are defined in the present document.

4.2 Syntax for distinguished names and versions

The format of a Distinguished Name is defined in 3GPP TS 32.300 [6].

The version of this IRP is represented as a string (see also clause 3 for versions).