4 Architectural features

32.3233GPPCommon Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) Solution Set (SS)Release 9Telecommunication managementTest management Integration Reference Point (IRP)TS

The overall architectural feature of Test Management IRP is specified in 3GPP TS 32.322 [6]. The present document specifies features that are specific to the CORBA SS.

4.1 Notification Services

In implementations of CORBA SS, IRPAgent conveys Test Management information to IRPManager via OMG Notification Service (OMG Notification Service [1]).

OMG Event Service [2] provides event routing and distribution capabilities. OMG Notification Service provides, in addition to Event Service, event filtering and Quality of Service (QoS) as well.

A necessary and sufficient sub set of OMG Notification Services shall be used to support TestManagementIRPNotifications notifications as specified in 3GPP TS 32.322 [6].

4.2 Push and Pull Style

OMG Notification Service defines two styles of interaction. One is called push style. In this style, IRPAgent pushes notifications to IRPManager as soon as they are available. The other is called pull style. In this style, IRPAgent keeps the notifications till IRPManager requests for them.

The Notification CORBA SS in 3GPP TS 32.303 [5] specifies that support of Push style is Mandatory (M) and that support of Pull style is Optional (O).

4.3 Support multiple notifications in one push operation

For efficiency reasons, IRPAgent may send multiple notifications using one single push operation. To pack multiple notifications into one push operation, IRPAgent may wait and not invoke the push operation as soon as notifications are available. To avoid IRPAgent to wait for an extended period of time that is objectionable to IRPManager, IRPAgent shall implement an IRPAgent wide timer configurable by administrator. On expiration of this timer, IRPAgent shall invoke push if there is at least one notification to be conveyed to IRPManager. This timer is re-started after each push invocation.