4 Architectural features

32.3533GPPCommon Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) Solution Set (SS)Communication Surveillance (CS) Integration Reference Point (IRP)Release 9Telecommunication managementTS

The overall architectural feature of CSIRP is specified in 3GPP TS 32.352 [6].

This clause specifies features that are specific to the CORBA SS.

4.1 Notifications

Notifications are sent according to the Notification IRP: CORBA SS (see 3GPP TS 32.303 [7]).

The contents of the CSIRP notifications are defined in the present document.

4.2 Syntax for Distinguished Names and versions

The format of a Distinguished Name is defined in 3GPP TS 32.300 [9].

The version of this IRP is represented as a string (see also clause 3 for versions).