4 Architectural features

32.106-33GPPCommon Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) Solution Set (SS)Configuration Management (CM)Part 3: Notification Integration Reference Point (IRP)Telecommunication managementTS

The overall architectural feature of Notification IRP is specified in 3GPP TS 32.106-2 [5]. This clause specifies features that are specific to the CORBA Solution Set (SS).

4.1 Notification services

In the CORBA Solution Set, notifications are emitted by IRPAgent using CORBA Notification service (OMG TC Document telecom [2]).

CORBA Event service (OMG CORBA services [3]) provides event routing and distribution capabilities. CORBA Notification service provides, in addition to Event service, event filtering and support for Quality of Service (QoS) as well.

A subset of CORBA Notification services shall be used to support the implementation of notification. This CORBA Notification service subset, in terms of OMG Notification service (OMG TC Document telecom [2]) defined methods, is identified in the present.

4.1.1 Support of Push and Pull Interface

The IRPAgent shall support the OMG Notification push interface model. Additionally, it may support the OMG Notification pull interface model as well.

4.1.2 Support of multiple notifications in one push operation

For efficiency, IRPAgent uses the following OMG Notification Service (OMG TC Document telecom [2]) defined interface to pack multiple notifications and push them to IRPManager using one method push_structured_events. The method takes as input a parameter of type EventBatch as defined in the OMG CosNotification module (OMG TC Document telecom [2]). This data type is a sequence of Structured Events (see clause 4). Upon invocation, this parameter will contain a sequence of Structured Events being delivered to IRPManager by IRPAgent to which it is connected.

The maximum number of events that will be transmitted within a single invocation of this operation is controlled by IRPAgent wide configuration parameter. The amount of time IRPAgent will accumulate individual events into the sequence before invoking this operation is controlled by IRPAgent wide configuration parameter as well.

IRPAgent may push EventBatch with only one Structured Event.

The OMG Notification service (OMG TC Document telecom [2]) defined IDL module is shown below.

module CosNotifyComm {

Interface SequencePushConsumer : NotifyPublish {

void push_structured_events(

in CosNotification::EventBatch notifications)

raises( CosEventComm::Disconnected);

}; // SequencePushConsumer

}; // CosNotifyComm