4 Default conditions

3GPP44.013Performance requirements on the mobile radio interfaceRelease 16TS

Unless otherwise stated, throughout the present document the following conditions are associated with the requirements:

– ideal radio link with an insignificant bit error rate;

– no other signalling is in progress on the main DCCH;

– messages sent by the network are correctly formed;

– the only established data link (or the only data link to be established) is on SAPI 0;

– any Starting Time IE that is included in a message sent by the network does not require the action to be delayed;

– cells are not barred and all access classes are allowed;

– the layer 2 performance of the network shall satisfy the "System Performance Requirements" of subclause 5.9 of 3GPP TS 44.006 [3];

– messages sent by the network may contain any set of optional IEs, and any permitted set of conditional IEs;

– the mobile has a valid SIM inserted, is powered on, and the SIM’s update status is "updated"; and

– on the CCCH, the Page Mode IE is not set to "paging reorganization" or "same as before".