4 Definition of BSSAP-LE

09.313GPPBase Station System Application Part LCS Extension (BSSAP-LE)Location Services (LCS)Release 1999TS

BSSAP-LE is an extension to BSSAP that contains messages and parameters specific to the support of LCS. The following subsets of BSSAP-LE are defined: DTAP-LE, BSSMAP-LE.

4.1 DTAP-LE Messages

DTAP-LE messages are transfered between an SMLC and a Type A LMU and comprise the following individual messages:




The content, encoding and certain procedures asssociated with DTAP-LE messages are defined in 3GPP TS 04.71.

4.2 BSSMAP-LE Messages

BSSMAP-LE messages are transferred between a BSC, MSC and SMLC and comprise the following individual messages:

BSSMAP-LE Positioning Messages

Perform Location Request

Perform Location Response

Perform Location Abort

BSSMAP-LE LMU Control Messages

LMU Connection Request

LMU Connection Accept

LMU Connection Reject

LMU Connection Release

BSSMAP-LE Information Messages

Connection Oriented Information

Connectionless Information

BSSMAP-LE General Messages


Reset Acknowledge

The content and encoding of BSSMAP-LE messages are defined in this specification.