4 General

38.8843GPPRelease 17Study on enhanced test methods for Frequency Range 2 (FR2) User Equipment (UE)TS

Editor’s note: general aspects related to the scope of the study or common study outcomes can be captured in this clause.

The enhanced test methods defined in the following clauses are not only applicable to current release, the general applicability can be categorized as following:

1. If a test case or requirement was not-testable in an older Release (e.g. Rel-15), and a new test method or procedure unblocks it in Rel-17, then the method can be said to be release-independent and would apply to the older release.

2. If we call one of the enhanced test methodologies as a Rel-17 test equipment feature, then a test equipment setup implementing the earlier release conformance test specification should be allowed to bring in a Rel-17 feature, provided that it meets all of the applicable Rel-17 requirements for that feature.

3. When there is a core requirement change (or modification/relaxation) in, e.g. Rel-17, to enable testing/unblock testability issues, then the requirement change should be applicable only from Rel-17 onwards.