4 General

26.2353GPPDefault codecsPacket switched conversational multimedia applicationsTS

3G PS multimedia terminals provide real-time video, audio, or data, in any combination, including none, over 3GPP IM Subsystem. Terminals are based on IETF defined multimedia protocols SIP, SDP, RTP and RTCP. Communication may be either 1-way or 2-way. Such terminals may be part of a portable device or integrated into an automobile or other non-fixed location device. They may also be fixed, stand-alone devices; for example, a video telephone or kiosk. Multimedia terminals may also be integrated into PCs and workstations.

In addition, interoperation with other types of multimedia telephone terminals, such as 3G-324M may be possible, however in such case a media gateway functionality supporting 3G-324M – IM Subsystem interworking will be required within or outside the IM subsystem.

For IMS terminals capable of Combined CS and IMS (CSI) operation [46][47], Annex A of specification [48] provides information on how to combine IMS media with CS calls.