4 General

06.223GPPComfort Noise Aspects for Half Rate Speech Traffic ChannelsTS

A problem when using DTX is that the background acoustic noise, which is transmitted together with the speech, would disappear when the radio transmission is switched off, resulting in a modulation of the background noise. Since the DTX switching can take place rapidly, it has been found that this effect may be annoying for the listener, especially in a car environment with high background noise levels. In bad cases, the speech may be hardly intelligible.

The present document specifies a solution to overcome this problem by generating synthetic noise similar to the transmit (TX) side background noise on the receive (RX) side. The comfort noise parameters are estimated on the TX side and transmitted to the RX side before the radio transmission is switched off and at a regular low rate afterwards. This allows the comfort noise to adapt to the changes of the noise on the TX side.