4 General

06.543GPPTest sequences for the GSM Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)TS

Digital test sequences are necessary to test for a bit exact implementation of the enhanced full rate speech transcoder (GSM 06.60 [2]), Digital test Voice Activity Detection (GSM 06.82 [6]), comfort noise (GSM 06.62 [4]) and the discontinuous transmission (GSM 06.81 [5]).

The test sequences may also be used to verify installations of the ANSI C code in GSM 06.53 [7].

Clause 5 describes the format of the files which contain the digital test sequences. Clause 6 describes the test sequences for the speech transcoder. Clause 7 describes the test sequences for the VAD, comfort noise and discontinuous transmission.

Clause 8 describes the method by which synchronisation is obtained between the test sequences and the speech codec under test.

Clause 9 describes the alternative acceptance testing of the speech encoder and decoder in the TRAU by means of 8 bit A- or -law compressed test sequences on the A-Interface.

Electronic copies of the digital test sequences are provided as clause 10, these digital test sequences are contained in the archive en_300725v080001p0.ZIP which accompanies the present document.