4 Introduction

02.483GPPSecurity mechanisms for the SIM Application ToolkitStage 1TS

The SIM Application Toolkit as described in GSM 11.14 is a set of commands and procedures for use during the network operation phase of GSM. It allows operators to create specific applications resident on the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module). There exists a need to secure SIM Application Toolkit related communication over the GSM network, (e.g. SMS, USSD, and future transport mechanisms) with the level of security chosen by the network operator or the application provider.

It is assumed in the present document that the Sending and Receiving Entities are in a secure environment.

The appropriate security mechanisms are described in the present document.

The security mechanisms cover the following security requirements:

– unilateral authentication from network to SIM;

– unilateral authentication from SIM to network;

– message integrity;

– replay detection;

– proof of receipt;

– message confidentiality.

Figure 1: System overview