4 Mobility SCF

29.198-063GPPOpen Service Access (OSA) Application Programming Interface (API)Part 6: Mobility Service Capability Feature (SCF)Release 9TS

The following clauses describe each aspect of the Mobility Service Capability Feature (SCF).

The order is as follows:

  • The Sequence diagrams give the reader a practical idea of how each of the SCFs is implemented.
  • The Class relationships clause shows how each of the interfaces applicable to the SCF, relate to one another.
  • The Interface specification clause describes in detail each of the interfaces shown within the Class diagram part.
  • The State Transition Diagrams (STD) show the transition between states in the SCF. The states and transitions are well-defined; either methods specified in the Interface specification or events occurring in the underlying networks cause state transitions.
  • The Data Definitions clause shows a detailed expansion of each of the data types associated with the methods within the classes. Note that some data types are used in other methods and classes and are therefore defined within the Common Data types part of this specification.

4.1 General requirements on support of methods

An implementation of this API which supports or implements a method described in the present document, shall support or implement the functionality described for that method, for at least one valid set of values for the parameters of that method.

Where a method is not supported by an implementation of a Service interface, the exception P_METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED shall be returned to any call of that method.

Where a method is not supported by an implementation of an Application interface, a call to that method shall be possible, and no exception shall be returned.