4 Modelling approach

32.7223GPPConfiguration Management (CM)Information Service (IS)Release 11Repeater network resources Integration Reference Point (IRP)Telecommunication managementTS

The present document is part of an Integration Reference Point (IRP) named "Repeater Network Resources IRP", through which an "IRPAgent" (typically an Element Manager or Network Element) can communicate Configuration Management information to one or several "IRPManagers" (typically Network Managers) concerning UTRAN resources. The "UTRAN Network Resources IRP" comprises a set of specifications defining Requirements, a protocol neutral Network Resource Model (NRM) and corresponding Solution Set(s).

The modelling approach used in this IRP is described in 32.622 [10] Generic Network Resources IRP; NRM.

This model allows for combined managed element functionality, where more than one "function IOC" (inherited from ManagedFunction) modelling more specific managed element functionality may be contained in the ManagedElement IOC.