4 Overview

28.3113GPPPolicy management for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) based mobile networksRelease 16TS

NFV policy management system may have policy conflict problem, which is a newly created policy may be conflict with an existing policy.

There are two potential policy conflict detection approaches, one is policy conflict detection in the Policy Function (PF), which makes the policy execution decisions, and the other one is policy conflict detection in the Policy Administration Function (PAF), which defines the network policy. There are multiple scenarios for policy conflict. For example, if the events are the same and the same condition are triggered (e.g. scaling policy on a VNF), but two policies have different actions, the conflict should be detected and resolved. It is not easy for one PF to resolve all of scenarios of the policy conflict. Hence, it is reasonable to enable PAF to resolve policy conflict, while the conflict detected by PAF or PF based on different specific scenarios, and the present document try to resolve the problem.