4 Structure and content of configuration data XML files

32.3853GPPPartial Suspension of Itf-N Integration Reference Point (IRP): eXtensible Markup Language (XML) file format definitionTelecommunication managementTS

Annex A of the present document defines the Partial Suspension of Itf-N-specific XML schema and element types in partialSuspensionOfItfN.xsd which shall be used for the notifyChangeOfPartialSuspensionOfItfN notification defined in 3GPP TS 32.382 [9].

4.1 Global structure

See 3GPP TS 32.615 [11].

The following XML namespaces are potentially used in Partial Suspension of Itf-N XML files:

– Partial Suspension of Itf-N for CM data files are associated with XML schema partialSuspensionOfItfN.xsd (see Annex A.1);

Annex A (normative):
Partial Suspension of Itf-N specific data file XML schemas