4 System overview

32.6923GPPInventory Management (IM) network resources Integration Reference Point (IRP)Network Resource Model (NRM)Release 11Telecommunication managementTS

4.1 Void

4.2 Compliance rules

The following defines the meaning of Mandatory and Optional IOC attributes and associations between IOCs, in Solution Sets to the IRP defined by the present specification:

  • The IRPManager shall support all mandatory attributes/associations. The IRPManager shall be prepared to receive information related to mandatory as well as optional attributes/associations without failure; however the IRPManager does not have to support handling of the optional attributes/associations.
  • The IRPAgent shall support all mandatory attributes/associations. It may support optional attributes/associations.

An IRPAgent that incorporates vendor-specific extensions shall support normal communication with a 3GPP SA5‑compliant IRPManager with respect to all Mandatory and Optional managed object classes, attributes, associations, operations, parameters and notifications without requiring the IRPManager to have any knowledge of the extensions.

Given that:

  • rules for vendor-specific extensions remain to be fully specified; and
  • many scenarios under which IRPManager and IRPAgent interwork may exist;

it is recognised that the IRPManager, even though it is not required to have knowledge of vendor-specific extensions, may be required to be implemented with an awareness that extensions can exist and behave accordingly.