4 Use of the CTS algorithm set

01.563GPPCTS Authentication and Key Generation Algorithms RequirementsGSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), Phase 1TS

The purpose of this clause is to define those organisations for whom the algorithm set is intended, describe the type of information which the algorithm set is intended to protect, indicate possible geographical/geopolitical restrictions on the use of equipment which embodies the algorithm set, and describe the types of implementations of the algorithm set that are envisaged.

4.1 Use of the algorithm set

The algorithm set shall only be used for providing the authentication and key management as described in GSM 03.20 Annex E.

4.2 Places of Use

The algorithm set is installed in each CTS Mobile Equipment (CTS-ME) ,in each CTS Fixed Part (CTS-FP) and in each CTS Service Node (CTS-SN). The standard does not forbid future use in a CTS-SIM in later CTS phases.

Legal restrictions on the use or export of equipment containing cryptographic features that are enforced by various European Governments may prevent the use of equipment in certain countries.

4.3 Types of Implementation

An algorithm with minimal restrictions on export when licensed and managed as described in clause 5, is desired because of the global use of GSM.

The design of the algorithm set should support software implementations for 8 bit processors. Those implementing the algorithm set shall be required through a licence and confidentiality agreement which they shall sign with ETSI, as described in subclause 5.3, to adopt suitable measures to ensure that their implementations are commensurate with the need to maintain confidentiality of the algorithm set.