5.12 Transport

29.3343GPPIMS Application Level Gateway (IMS-ALG) - IMS Access Gateway (IMS-AGW)Iq InterfaceRelease 17Stage 3TS

Specifies what H.248 subseries transports are supported by the profile.

Table 5.12.1: Transport

Supported transports:

1. IPv4-based network control plane:

– SCTP/IPv4 (Recommended)

– UDP/IPv4 (Optional)

2. IPv6-based network control plane:

– SCTP/IPv6 (Recommended)

– UDP/IPv6 (Optional)

NOTE 1: When using SCTP as defined in IETF RFC 4960 [16] the IMS-AGW shall always be the node to perform the "Initiation".

Table 5.12.2: Segmentation

Segmentation supported:

SCTP: Inherent in Transport


Table 5.12.3: Control Association

Control Association Monitoring supported:

Monitoring mechanism is dependent on used H.248 transport (see above table 5.12/1):

inherent capability of SCTP.

H.248.14 (MG-driven monitoring).
Empty AuditValue on ROOT (MGC-driven monitoring).