5.2.14 Emergency call handling

23.1953GPPProvision of User Equipment Specific Behaviour Information (UESBI) to network entitiesRelease 5TS Mobile with (U)SIM registered in MSC/VLR

This is handled as in clause5.2.7.1, above. Mobile without (U)SIM, or, Mobile with (U)SIM that is not registered in MSC/VLR

The MSC/VLR shall request the IMEISV from the UE using the MM Identification procedure. Once the IMEISV has been obtained, the MSC/VLR shall send the UESBI-Iu to SRNC On the Iu interface, the UESBI-Iu shall be sent to the SRNC before the RAB Assignment Request message is sent.

In order to limit unnecessary signalling, the MSC/VLR need not obtain the IMEISV for UE’s which cannot support UMTS. The detection of non-support of UMTS can be based on Revision Level (GSM phase 1 or GSM phase 2 mobile station) in MS Classmark 1 or MS Classmark 2.