5.2.4 Bass post-filter gain quantization

26.4453GPPCodec for Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)Detailed algorithmic descriptionRelease 15TS

At 16.4 and 24.4 kbps, the bass post-filter gain is quantized on 2 bits. First the signal is reconstructed as defined in subclause 6.1.3. The bass post-filter is applied and the enhancement signal, is computed as described in subclause

The residual signal is then low pass filtered in time domain by a convolution with the impulse response , impulse response simulating the filtering done in CDLFB at the decoder side. Moreover the signal is adjusted by an estimated gain  corresponding to the attenuation factor of the anti-harmonic components. It is estimated as follows;


The optimal gain adjustment is computed as:


The optimal gain adjustment is quantized on 2 bits as follows:


The quantization is adjusted in case the delta SNR provided by the estimated gain is detected as positive:


The index k is then modified in the following way:


The again adjustment is decoded as follows