5.2.4 PS inter-SGSN routeing area update without Gs

23.1953GPPProvision of User Equipment Specific Behaviour Information (UESBI) to network entitiesRelease 5TS

The IMEISV shall be transferred from the old SGSN to the new SGSN at inter-SGSN Routeing Area Update in the SGSN Context Response message (see TS 29.060 [11]). GTPv1 is assumed to be available in both SGSNs. The new SGSN shall transfer the UESBI-Iu to the RNC over the Iu-ps interface.

In the case of inter-SGSN RA Update from an SGSN not supporting the PUESBINE Feature to an SGSN that does support the PUESBINE Feature, then, the new SGSN shall obtain the IMEISV from the mobile using signalling specified in TS 24.008 [3] and then send the UESBI-Iu to the RNC.