5.3 MMS Relay

23.1403GPPFunctional descriptionMultimedia Messaging Service (MMS)Stage 2TS

This MMS Relay shall provide convergence functionality between server and user agent and thus enable the integration of different server types across different networks. It should be possible to combine Server and Relay functionality.

The MMS Relay is responsible for the following functions:-

  • receiving and sending MM
  • enabling/disabling MMS function
  • personalising MMS based on user profile information
  • MM deletion based on user profile or filtering information
  • media type conversion
  • media format conversion
  • message content retrieval
  • MM forwarding
  • screening of MM
  • negotiation of terminal capabilities
  • checking terminal availability
  • MM notification to the MMS User Agent
  • generating charging data records (CDR)
  • address translation