5 Namespaces

29.199-143GPPOpen Service Access (OSA)Parlay X web servicesPart 14: PresenceTS

The PresenceConsumer interface uses the namespace:


The PresenceNotification interfaces use the namespace:

http://www.csapi.org/wsdl/parlayx/presence/notification/ v4_0

The PresenceSupplier interfaces use the namespace:

http://www.csapi.org/wsdl/parlayx/presence/supplier/ v4_0

The PresenceSupplierNotificationManager interfaces use the namespace:

http://www.csapi.org/wsdl/parlayx/presence_supplier/notification_manager/ v4_0

The PresenceSupplierNotification interfaces use the namespace:

http://www.csapi.org/wsdl/parlayx/presence_supplier/notification/ v4_0

The data types are defined in the namespace:

http://www.csapi.org/schema/parlayx/presence/ v4_0

The ‘xsd’ namespace is used in the present document to refer to the XML Schema data types defined in XML Schema [5]. The use of the name ‘xsd’ is not semantically significant.