6.2.1 Attributes and relationships

32.7523GPPEvolved Packet Core (EPC) Network Resource Model (NRM) Integration Reference Point (IRP)Information Service (IS)Telecommunication managementTS

This clause depicts the set of IOCs that encapsulate information relevant for this service. This clause provides the overview of all information object classes in UML. Subsequent clauses provide more detailed specification of various aspects of these information object classes.

The figures below show the containment/naming hierarchy and the associations of the information object classes defined in the present document.

  1. NOTE: The listed cardinality numbers represent transient as well as steady-state numbers, and reflect all managed object creation and deletion scenarios in all figures.

Each IOC is identified with a Distinguished Name (DN) according to 3GPP TS 32.300 [4] that expresses its containment hierarchy. As an example, the DN of an IOC representing a MME (3GPP TS 23.401 [9]) could have a format like:

  1. SubNetwork=China, MeContext =MEC-Gbg-1, ManagedElement =MME-Gbg-1, MMEFunction=MME-1.

Figure EPC NRM Containment/Naming Relationships

Figure EPC NRM Containment/Naming and Association_1

Figure EPC NRM Containment/Naming and Association_2

Figure EPC NRM Containment/Naming and Association3

Figure MME Pool Object Model of EPC NRM



(from 32.622)





NOTE: QCISet shall be contained in the root SubNetwork instance.

Figure EPC NRM Containment/Naming and Association 3

Figure EPC NRM Containment/Naming and Association 4