6.3.2 Create an intent

28.3123GPPIntent driven management services for mobile networksManagement and orchestrationTS

The Figure 6.3.2-1 illustrates the procedure for create a new intent.

Figure 6.3.2-1 Procedure for create an intent

  1. MnS Consumer sends a request to create an intent instance to MnS Producer with ‘objectClass’ and list of [Attribute,Vlaue] for the new intent to be created. The detailed [Attribute,Value] see the concrete intent IOC defined in clause 6.2. ‘objectCalss’ is the name for the concrete intent IOC.
  2. Based on the request, the MnS Producer creates the concrete intent MOI (i.e. instance of intent IOC) with value for attribute ‘objectInstance’ allocated, and configure the new created intent MOI with the received list of [Attribute, Value]. ‘objectInstance’ is the identifier (DN) for the concrete intent MOI.
  3. MnS Producer sends a response to the MnS consumer with status (OperationSucceeded or OperationFailed) and ‘objectInstance’ of the created intent MOI. The response information may also include the possible reasons for the unsuccessful executions (e.g., conflicting with existing intents, the intent infeasible).
  4. Based on the intent, MnS Producer identifies the MOI for managed entities (e.g. ManagedElement, ManagedFunction) and derives one or more executable management tasks (including deployment and configuration requirements) for these managed entities, then MnS producer deploys or configures corresponding managed entities to satisfy the intent.
  5. During the execution of intention, MnS producer continuously monitors intent fulfilment status.
  6. MnS producer analyses and adjusts the managed entities to ensure the intention is continuously satisfied.
  7. MnS Producer may notify MnS Consumer about the intent fulfilment information, including DN of intent MOI, and fulfillStatus.