6.3.3 Modify an intent

28.3123GPPIntent driven management services for mobile networksManagement and orchestrationTS

The Figure 6.3.3-1 illustrates the procedure for modify an existing intent.

Figure 6.3.3-1 Procedure for modify an intent

  1. MnS Consumer sends a request to modify an intent intsnace to MnS Producer with ‘objectInstance’ of the intent MOI and List of [‘Attrribute’, ‘newValue’] to be modified. The detailed [Attribute,Value] see the concrete intent IOC defined in clause 6.2.
  2. Based on the request, MnS Producer configure the intent MOI with list of ‘Attribute’ = ’newValue’ which is required to be modified.
  3. MnS Producer sends a response to the MnS consumer with status (OperationSucceeded or OperationFailed), ‘objectInstance’ of the modified intent MOI and, and list of [‘Attrribute’, ‘newValue’] which is modified.

Editor’s Note: the subsequence after the intent MOI modified is FFS.