6.3 Output power dynamics

36.1413GPPBase Station (BS) conformance testingEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Release 17TS

The requirements in subclause 6.3 apply during the transmitter ON period.

6.3.1 RE Power control dynamic range Definition and applicability

The RE power control dynamic range is the difference between the power of an RE and the average RE power for a BS at maximum output power for a specified reference condition. Unwanted emissions (as specified in subclause 6.6) and Transmit modulation quality (as specified in subclause 6.5) shall be maintained within the whole power control dynamic range. Minimum Requirement

The minimum requirement is in TS 36.104 [2] subclause Method of test

No specific test or test requirements are defined for RE Power control dynamic range. The Error Vector Magnitude test, as described in subclause 6.5.2 provides sufficient test coverage for this requirement.