6.4.1 Handset and headset UE sending

26.1313GPPRelease 17RequirementsTerminal acoustic characteristics for telephonyTS

The sensitivity/frequency characteristics shall be as follows:

The sending sensitivity frequency response, measured either from the mouth reference point (MRP) to the digital interface or from the MRP to the SS audio output (digital output of the reference speech decoder of the SS), shall be within a mask, which can be drawn between the points given in table 9. The mask is drawn with straight lines between the breaking points in table 1 on a logarithmic (frequency) – linear (dB sensitivity) scale.

Table 9: Handset and headset sending sensitivity/frequency mask

Send sensitivity/frequency response Frequency (Hz)

Upper limit (dB)

Lower limit (dB)






5 000



6 300



8 000


NOTE: All sensitivity values are expressed in dB on an arbitrary scale.

Figure 9: Handset and headset sending sensitivity/frequency mask

Compliance shall be checked by the relevant test described in TS 26.132.