6.5 Short Message

38.3313GPPNRProtocol specificationRadio Resource Control (RRC)Release 15TS

Short Messages can be transmitted on PDCCH using P-RNTI with or without associated Paging message using Short Message field in DCI format 1_0 (see TS 38.212 [17], clause

Table 6.5-1 defines Short Messages. Bit 1 is the most significant bit.

Table 6.5-1: Short Messages


Short Message



If set to 1: indication of a BCCH modification other than SIB6, SIB7 and SIB8.



If set to 1: indication of an ETWS primary notification and/or an ETWS secondary notification and/or a CMAS notification.

3 – 8

Not used in this release of the specification, and shall be ignored by UE if received.