6.6 SMLC Signalling to a peer SMLC

03.713GPPFunctional descriptionLocation Services (LCS)Release 1999Stage 2TS

The protocol layers used for SMLC to SMLC signaling are shown in Figure 18, where it is assumed that both SMLCs have SS7 link connections to STPs (or there is a direct SS7 link between the SMLCs). In the absence of either a direct link or links to an STP, signaling can go via attached BSCs and MSCs as shown in Figure 19 for signaling between BSS based SMLCs sharing the same MSC and in Figure 20 for signaling between a BSS based SMLC and an NSS based SMLC associated with different MSCs.

Figure 18: SMLC to SMLC Signalling via SS7 STPs

Figure 19: SMLC to SMLC Signalling via associated BSCs and MSC (BSS based SMLCs)

Figure 20: SMLC to SMLC Signalling via BSC and MSCs (BSS to NSS based SMLC)