6.6a Direct Indication FeMBMS

36.3313GPPEvolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)Protocol specificationRadio Resource Control (RRC)Release 15TS

On MBMS-dedicated cell and on FeMBMS/Unicast-mixed cell, a Direct Indication FeMBMS is transmitted on PDCCH together with 8-bit MCCH change notification using M-RNTI, see TS 36.212 [22], clause Table 6.6a-1 defines the Direct Indication FeMBMS.

When the first bit is set to 1, UE shall behave as if systemInfoModification field is set in the Paging message and when the second bit is set to 1, UE shall behave as if both etws-Indication and cmas-Indication are set in the Paging message, see Bit 1 is the least significant bit.

Table 6.6a-1: Direct Indication FeMBMS


Direct Indication FeMBMS




etws-Indication and cmas-Indication